BLOC – Project Coordinator

What is BLOC (Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration)? BLOC is advancing responsible technology development for community empowerment, they are a network of public and private participants and large talent pools that have come together to co-create validated distributed technological (and blockchain) solutions to meet common needs and create shared value. They provide advisory services, seminars and workshops, as well as applied research and development.


I worked as a Project Coordinator, but in a startup you have many different tasks, so below is a brief outline:

  • Research – developing Proof-Of-Concepts within industry, by working closely with our partners
  • Project Coordinator – Feasibility study of a Maritime Blockchain Hub, analyzing the market, aim, output, risk, budget etc., to summarize the challenges and opportunity
  • Stakeholder management – creating positive relationships with businesses, organizations, and dev teams
  • Workshops – planner and facilitator
  • Speaker – about blockchain and DLT, and the potentials and obstacles in supply chain


With BLOC in Singapore
Workshop w. maritime stakeholders
Minister visit
With BLOC in Singapore