A Friend Of Wine

My bachelor report was based on how to create an experience design, within the wine tasting and cooking sector. The report tried to examine how a startup company (A Friend of Wine), could develop a meaningful wine tasting experience design. The main research question was;

What to be observant of, in order to create a sustainable experience design?

The approach was to find meaning in the real world, instead of reducing it by mere numbers. Instead of applying theories and analytical tools on how to discover a meaningful experience, we held wine sessions to try different ways of approaching it.

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The project group hosted three wine tasting sessions, to figure out how to create a deeper understanding of wine for the participants, through instruments such as meaning and learning.
After the sessions, the project group applied design theories to explain why the participants acted and reacted the way that they did. Theories applied were experience economy, stimulation and gratification and on the meaningful experience.


When trying to apply the theories, the project group discovered that theories and models couldn’t explain how to make a sustainable design; you have to study the design through interaction with people, in an on going situation and process. Below is a illustration of the final wine tasting design: