Media Appearances


Blockchain – en smart teknologi med børnesygdomme

Solo expert interview for the largest retail focused media in Denmark, about the challenges of applying blockchain with supply chain. Link here –

Berlingske Business: Ekspert om bitcoin-teknologi: »Det er et fremskridt som dampmaskinen eller internettet«

Interviewed as a subject matter expert on blockchain for one of the major news sites/papers in Denmark.

To read the article, download it here!

Olive Oil Times – Blockchain Technology Coming to Olive Oil, Someday

Expert interview to article on the use of blockchain in the olive oil industry.

DJØF Bladet

A full page article on why there is a need for better transparency of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which I investigated with applying blockchain. (DJØF (Union) represents approx. 91,000 academics working at all levels of the private and public sectors in Denmark) (at page 40)

IT-University press release:

A interview with me, about why I chose to investigate food supply chains, the potential with blockchain in the food industry and why there is a need for transparency.

Berlingske Business:

A article in Danish on blockchain and it’s potential outside Bitcoin. My thesis on blockchain in the supply chain of EVOO is highlighted as a great use case.


A article in Danish on blockchain, my work on blockchain in the supply chain of EVOO is highlighted as a great use case.

Alexandra Institut

it Service Management Forum


DR – P1 Eftermiddag

Live interview about my thesis on danish national radio.!01:46:21



This Danish podcast gives an allround introduction to blockchain and it´s possibilities and challenges. I gave my food for thought on the subject of blockchain as a supply chain.

Techtopia: Forstå blockchain – teknologien bag bitcoin

A Danish podcast investigating different technologies. This episode is about blockchain, where my work on greater traceability of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is highlighted as a great use case.