My Goals

Here I state my explicit goals, for the short and long term. I have a learning by doing attitude. My practical and learning by doing approach can lead me down many different paths, as I find many things super interesting. And I want to do them all at the same time. But I can’t.

So below is my professional goals, to make them eksplicit and (hopefully) to make me more accountable to get them finished. Wish me luck.

Within this year of 2022

Take certification as a Data Engineer

Why? I work as a Analyst, but my interest and where I can gain knowledge to get me to the next level, is within the field of “Data Engineering”.

How to connect the different data sources, from ETL to pipelines. It’s going to be a massive challenge!

Develop and execute my “Technology Literacy (Teknologiforståelse)” course

Why? I’m a nerd. And I read and listen to everything around tech. I feel that the tech-train is moving super fast, and many are left behind. So, I want to make a course for those who has no clue about the change and implications of new technologies, but is interested.

So I created a course with AOF:

Long term

Board Member

Why? So many companies want to be data-driven. But they don’t have the knowledge og experience. What I can bring is a data mindset, on how to make that an asset within the current (or future) buiness model. I’m a data/tech hammer in the “board toolbox”. And generally I just want to help and guide whoever that wants to listen to me.

From operational to strategic

Why? I’m still learning all the operational aspects of data. SQL, Azure, Python, AWS, Power BI, etc. But one of my goals is to take that knowlegde to an strategic level. When to apply what and how.

On the side

Write about data i football

Why? I love football. And data. So I get to write about it in a fanzine for FC København. I love to more on this, but then I need more hours in a day.

Min Data (My Data): Blog about our data

Why? I get to write about data, all the news surrounding that, and do written interviews with interesting people on the matter.