Plenti – more than text, talk and data

Our task was to develop further on a digital business case, through the use of Business Model Canvas (BMC), we chose newly established Plenti (est. March 2016).

Plenti only offers one subscription for 199 DKK with no limits on calls/texts/data and a selection of digital services. This is different from most other competitors as most provide a selection of limited subscriptions.


We looked in the crystal ball, to give our take on how the telco industry should develop, because the old fashioned telco company is dead. Sale of texts, minutes and data is no more, is about real value for consumers by relevant digital content.


We first developed Plenti´s BMC, so we could use this for a base for our three solutions, on how we see Plenti progress.

Plenti´s BMC


The first is focusing on offering customers with a changing behavior a flexible subscription for which they can change services from month to month. Plenti, with their one subscription only, offers an all or nothing experience for customers. This can be used to attract customers who want value for their money, by choosing what they see value in.

Flexible revenue stream


The second new BMC is focused on expanding the content provided in the subscription in order to meet the needs and wants of more customers. Valid for all three future BMCs is the increasing cost structure of maintaining and developing the platform provided by Plenti.

Expand Catalogue


The second model is centered around the B2B market. Offering service for this segment is something already done by a lot of the actors in the industry covering different needs for the customer. The need that should be covered by this business model is companies that want to offer their employees better corporate benefits. This will change the channels in which the future Telco will attract its customer through by making direct sales with the customers.