About me

You’re here, so I guess it would be rude not to introduce myself. My name is Kristoffer Just and I am passionate about bridging the gap between business and IT. But first, lets start at the beginning with my childhood years. No, just kidding, lets start with the academic side of me.

If you want a quick summary in a CV format, get my CV here.

The academic

I´m Cand. IT in Innovation & Management from the IT University in Copenhagen. Before ITU, I studied Business Studies & Psychology at Roskilde University. I did my master thesis on blockchain as a process innovation in supply chains. I co-operated with COOP Trading, to seek out the opportunities with blockchain technology, focusing on greater traceability, information and documentation sharing by establishing digital trust of the food we consume. The use case was Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), due to the extensive fraud with this product, from EVOO not being oil at all to lower quality than stated on the bottle.

The professional

I get a lot business ideas. In fact, so many that I have an Excel sheet to keep track of all of them! So I’m always doing something, and not sitting still.

My core competencies and professional interest lies in the collection, processing and communication of data, concept development, requirements coverage and analysis of the implementation of new technologies. I have built a stable project leader approach, based on my years as a tutor, my work at BLOC and starting my own one-man business. Want proof, just click around in my portfolio. As a person I see myself as a “starter”. I love to start new projects, and get them going and build to succeed.

The personal

As a person, I´m an extrovert and have a analytical and practical approach to tasks and a learning by doing attitude. My practical and learning by doing approach led me to create this work portfolio, executing a one-man company and a website focused on the extensive food fraud around the globe.

Additionally, I am a regular guest every year at Roskilde Festival, and have been the last 10+ years.

And I love to nerd football – just ask my girlfriend!

Crazy things I have done

  • Drove a Tuk Tuk on a month long trip across India with two friends. Traffic in India, crazy stuff.
  • Walked the Camino. An combination of the North and French route. 864 km. 33 days. And a lot of bunk beds. Two blisters. And a lot of beautiful Spanish nature.

Languages I speak

  • Danish – Native
  • English – Fluent in writing and speaking
  • Spanish – Elementary
  • German – Elementary

IT Knowledge

  • Daily user of Mac and Windows. Vast experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • Have worked with SPSS, Gephi, ANTA, Tableau, Google Analytics, WordPress, HTML, CSS, UML/BPMN, Python, PowerBi and the Atlassian portfolio (Jira/Confluence).


  • I enjoy physical exercise and playing football. I also hold a massive love for the game! Another great pleasure of mine is to cook, grow spices and travel to off the trail locations.