All of my public speaking center on the world of blockchain, from the beginning to it’s potential to transform different sectors. My feature on blockchain gives you and your fellow employees the basic understanding and insight on blockchain, the opportunities and challenges of the technology to grasp the great potential, e.g. traceability and transparency in food supply chains.

  • Blockchain in supply chain
    Kristoffer speaking about blockchain at COOP Trading

From a technological standpoint, I start with the basics of blockchain, establish a solid fundamental understanding of blockchain by building it from the bottom up, and from there, explore the myriad of opportunities and challenges relating to blockchain technology.

Example of presentation

A focus on traceability and transparency of food products, but is not limited to this. This is due to the potential of blockchain to deliver a holistic supply chain, with ripple effects all trough the supply chain, from farm to fork. This feature is a complete picture of the ecosystem surrounding blockchain technology in supply chain.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic understanding of one of most promising technological advancements
  • Blockchain in supply chain – case with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • What the future holds for blockchain in supply chain

PS: I just love to share the knowledge I research and work with every day. To explain blockchain to you in simple ways, regardless of your personal and academic background. Which I have done for many different companies, NGO´s, ministries, academics, radio programs etc.


Past presentations & workshops about blockchain