aety – Project Assistant

What is aety is an IT consultant company who deliver knowhow and solutions to solve project and task management. Aety applies the JIRA Atlassian platform, which is an effective workflow platform for project and task management, for large and small business.


At aety I had different responsibilities and roles:

  • Atlassian: I worked with the agile BPM platform from Atlassian, where I learned the agile approach focusing on SCRUM and obtained certifications in the Atlassian portfolio
  • Courses: Structured, created and executed two-day courses on the Atlassian portfolio. The result was 12 power points of 30 slides each, a 7 page exercise with test data in Atlassian and two days of presentations for 16 participants.
  • WordPress: Structured, maintained and developed on the aety´s website
  • SoMe: handled LinkedIn content and worked with Google Analytics
  • Idea generation and execution: Structured and helped with the execution of a company “hackathon”, where we went from idea to a prototype of an MVP.   
Atlassian course at Teknologisk