Coinify – Data Analyst

Who is Coinify?

Coinify is an established global virtual currency platform actively offering solutions in Europe, Asia and other regions. Coinify’s services include: individual currency trading, corporate brokerage, payment processing services, and Enterprise solutions via Coinify API.

When I joined the team in October 2018, I established the Data Analyst position from scratch, to lead Coinify into better data-driven decisions, crucial business knowledge, improve data collection /querying and a general data management. I produce insight to many internal stakeholders, from management to colleagues, and external partners on various KPI´s, through dashboards, automated reports etc. Here I try to make data into a narrative, not a dashboard. And a recommendation, not a report.

I take stacks of data and transform them into persuasive arguments in eye level.


Below is a brief detailed outline of my tasks:

  • Structuring a Data Analyst position from scratch
  • Data link between Tech and Business departments – Sales, Operations, Support, Compliance, Management.
  • Implementing dashboards showing progress of services
  • Monitor data flows and quality
  • Market and Risk analysis of cryptocurrencies
  • Weekly/Monthly reporting on different aspects of our services
    • Several data-visualisations of KPI´s
    • Implementing dashboards showing progress of services
    • Provide partners with extensive analysis of their performance. Ex. customer retention
  • Market and Risk analysis of cryptocurrencies

Below is an overview of my touch-points and where I add value.

Tools used: Metabase, SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL) Excel, Power BI, Tableau and Cytoscape