Bike Me Up

One of my core competencies as a person, is when a need not are covered with a service or a solution. This is how Bike Me Up came to life.

One of my friends goes to Musik i Lejet festival in the north of sealand in Denmark. He was puzzled by the lack of bike transportation opportunities to the festival, as many festivalgoers take their bike with them (very danish thing to do) from Copenhagen. So I thought, how can I make a bicycle transportation that solves their needs, and the festivals.



I learned how many factors you have take into account, when starting a small scale company. I handled everything from visiting van rentals, create a homepage design, collaborate with local authorities, volunteer employees, tax, SoMe, transportation schedule and on and on.

I got a experience of the bumpy ride it is to set up a start-up service company, from start to finish. This has enhanced my project leader skills and how to learn by doing.